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We Cultivate Deserts

Agriculture and climate, closely linked issues, synonymous with urgency

80% of deforestation is directly attributable to agriculture, a sector that represents 22% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

We respond to this problem rationally by transforming agriculture to fight against climate change. 

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drop in agricultural yields in 20 years



of arable land lost each year



of GHG emissions are caused by agriculture


With the help of nature, we produce for women and men while protecting the environment.

​Our innovative and regenerative agroforestry model offers a sustainable solution to the challenges of advancing deserts, land degradation, food security and pressure on primary forests.

Our agroforestry software

Sand to Green Software

Location-specific plantation placement

Division into autonomous sections

Customizable agroforestry arrangements

Adaptable cost and revenue structures

Our impacts

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Carbon capture

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Preservation of biodiversity

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Regenerative Agriculture

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Food safety

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Social Development

Our Projects


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