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We develop ecological, resilient and sustainable plantations to serve people and their territories

Our Projects

Notre plantation

Our plantation in Morocco

The domain of Nzaha

The Domaine de Nzaha is a 20 ha agricultural farm using permaculture and agroforestry techniques.​

In the heart of the Azwarig plain, we produce organic vegetables and fruits in accordance with the constraints of the environment.​
Domaine Nzaha creates healthy and organic products, respecting our health and that of our planet.


If we were to try to produce all the food we will need in 2050 using current production systems, the world would have to convert most of its remaining forests (...)  

Tim Searchinger - World Resources Institute

Our upcoming projects

Nos projets à venir
 Agroforestrie - Farming Farming

Development of new plantations

Our plantations are replicable. We are working on hundreds of hectares of new projects in Morocco and elsewhere around our agroforestry solutions.

Recycling of desalination waste

Desalination produces a very salty water, unsuitable for plantations, which we recycle and valorize in the culture of micro-algae in a concern of circular economy. 

Desert farming - Sand to Green

Installation of native nurseries

The nurseries house the plants which are then transplanted and allow a faster deployment of the plantations as well as a selection of the most resistant species.

Agroforesterie in arid environement
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