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We cultivate deserts to counter desertification and combat food insecurity.

We are fighting climate change

Our innovative, regenerative agroforestry model offers a sustainable solution to the challenges of advancing deserts, soil degradation, food security and pressure on primary forests.

Our nature-based solution

We master the constraints of the arid environment to create ecological and sustainable plantations.

Agroforestry software

to create and manage plantations in arid environments.

Customized desalination modules

powered by solar energy

Desert Farming

Adapted tree plantations

to the future constraints of the land which produces several types of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Our agroforestry software

We develop plantations specially designed for arid environments.

We manage plantations every day by collecting field and satellite data.

We monitor the management of the plantations with adapted economic and ecological indicators.


One year on 200 ha of our plantations 

Agroforestry and Desert Farming

5 340​

Air travel 
Paris → New York absorbed 


(for one person in TeqCO2, DGAC data) 

Agroforestry and Desert Farming

15 160​

People fed for a dietary share of fruit


Our projects

At Sand To Green, our projects are at the heart of our bold vision to rehabilitate arid lands by developing resilient plantations that thrive in arid environments.

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