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Our software simplifies and optimizes the development of agroforestry projects, allowing users to evaluate and compare financial, agronomic and environmental impact projections to choose the option best suited to their projects.



Location-specific plantation placement

Our technology recommends plants best suited to the chosen environment, ensuring optimal prosperity by adjusting to local conditions.

Division into autonomous sections

Users can divide their plantation into independent sections to experiment with various planting arrangements, facilitating trial and error without compromising the entire project.

Customizable agroforestry arrangements

Our software enables users to customize their plan by using our recommendations and choosing from a variety of trees and crops based on their specific goals.

Adaptable cost and revenue structures

Our platform provides a standard cost and revenue framework but also empowers users to adjust this by adding new costs, modifying existing values, or removing irrelevant costs to better align with their project's financial realities.

For the designs crafted by the user, our software offers detailed forecasts

Cash flow statements

Offering a clear view of the financial health and viability of the project over time.

Water need forecasts

Estimating the water requirements for the plantation, crucial for ensuring sustainability and efficiency in water use.

Carbon capture forecasts

Predicting the environmental impact of the plantation in terms of carbon sequestration, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

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