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Sand to Green provides advanced solutions to farmers facing drought. We enable you to overcome challenges while optimizing water usage and diversifying income. Through our innovative techniques, even in times of drought, you can maintain fertile production and generate additional gains, such as selling complementary products and leveraging the CO2 captured by your plantations in global markets. Simple and effective, we become the preferred partner for farmers seeking resilient agriculture.

Our nature-based solution

We master the constraints of the arid environment to create ecological and sustainable plantations.

Agroforestry software

to create and manage plantations in arid environments.

Customized desalination modules

powered by solar energy

Desert Farming

Adapted tree plantations

to the future constraints of the land which produces several types of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Our agroforestry software

We develop plantations specially designed for arid environments.

We manage plantations every day by collecting field and satellite data.

We monitor the management of the plantations with adapted economic and ecological indicators.


How can we help you? 

Desalination for Desert farming

We Manage Your Water

With our advanced solar desalination technology, we create fresh water at a reduced cost, minimizing environmental impact. The drip irrigation system and the use of biochar optimize the use of this water and improve soil fertility, reducing water consumption by up to 50%. These solutions promote sustainable, economical, and resilient agriculture.

Desert Farming

We Develop Your Agricultural Projects

From land preparation to sourcing teams and materials, we support you at every step, directly monitoring your plantations to ensure their success. Our expertise guarantees efficient implementation, optimized management, and improved yields, reducing risks and maximizing the productivity of your agricultural lands.

Desert Farming

We Diversify Your Income

Through our agroforestry methods, we diversify your income sources while reducing your exposure to natural, climatic, and market fluctuation risks. We also provide training for your farmers on our tools and methods, and facilitate your access to the carbon credit market for agriculture. With our support, cultivate a future where agriculture synonymous with innovation and sustainability.

Our partners allow us to move faster 

partner - AgroParisTech
partner - Alliance for Impact
partner - World Bank Group
partner - Société Général
partner - EIT Climate KIC
partner - CGIAR
partner - BPI France
partner - ReNature
partner - Cirad
partner - Graine de boss
partner - Impact Lab
partner - Climate Launch Pad
partner - Challenge Total EDHEC
partner - Axess IMpact
partner - Osmosun
partner - BERD
partner - Katapult VC
partner - COP15
Catalyst Fund

Our team

Desert Farming

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Desert Farming

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